Archery Etiquette



  • When you’ve finished shooting, step back from the line (so that the DoS can see that you’ve finished).
  • Noise – please consider others who are still shooting – some people are very sensitive to “noisemakers”. Whilst talking and making noise behind the shooting line is not “against the rules”, talking loudly is inconsiderate and is regarded as bad manners.
  • After the shoot, please pack up quietly – remember others are still shooting
  • Make newcomers feel welcome – don’t ignore them. Introduce yourself and offer to show them what to do – remember how you felt as a newbie.
  • Keep your spotting scope under control – make sure you leave room for others.
  • Those not scoring should be pulling arrows.
  • Do help others look for lost arrows.
  • If you have young children, they must be kept under control, and are not normally permitted on the target field.


  • Never touch another archer’s equipment without permission – ever!!!
  • Do not distract others if you are not shooting.
  • Quivers and arrows are not permitted in the Clubhouse – leave them outside.
  • If using a spotting scope, do not sight your last arrow at the end of the end.
  • Do not snarl at the beginners’ mistakes– remember you were a beginner once.
  • Try to be helpful and show them the “correct” way.
  • At the target: Do not touch either the target or any arrows until scoring is complete – you could knock a loose arrow out of the face and cost someone several points.


Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.