Our Saturday target competition (for members) usually commences at the following times:

  • General target 1.00pm
  • Field 1:00pm
  • Clout 1.00pm

Shooting is not permitted 30 minutes before start time so that the targets can be set up in safety.

Shooting is not permitted for 15 minutes after completion of the shoot.

The shoot for the day is on the calendar displayed in the clubhouse (also available from our website).

Each archer is responsible for deciding which distance/round they shoot (ask someone if you do not know) and for helping to set up and put away their own target.

Place your name tag and distance on the target board (outside) in the lane in which you want to shoot. This way, everyone else knows what you are doing, and which targets are occupied (max 4 per target).

The DoS (Director of Shooting) has absolute control of all shooting.

The DoS will announce when it is 5 minutes before shooting begins – both at the start of the shoot and also at the end of the mid-time break.

Come ’N’ Try

The  Come ’N’ Try sessions operate from 9:00am to 11:00am every Saturday unless the beginners course is running.

The Head Coach shall have absolute control of all activities.

Members may shoot during the Saturday morning sessions as long as they shoot to the DoS’s whistle and do not hold up the beginners.

If you wish to shoot at another distance, you must set up your own target, or ask permission from the Coaches.

Use of Club Equipment

The club has items that are used for various tasks eg: arrow cutter, fletching jig, and compound bow press.

If you have equipment that needs repair, then it may be taken into the clubhouse if you need to use the specialised equipment. If you require help in using any of the equipment there are many club members who will be able to help you.

Do not attempt to use the Bow press or Arrow saw if you are unsure of how to operate them – it could cause injury to yourself or result in damage of the often expensive equipment.

If in doubt – ask somebody to show you how.