Joining Our Club

We are always looking for new members. Talk to one of our committee members or coaches – they will be happy to provide you with all the information required, and to assist you to join our Club.

Being a member of the Bowmen of Melville provides many benefits:

  • You become affiliated with Archery Australia, as well as World Archery.
  • You may shoot at our Club grounds at any time (7 days a week if you wish).
  • You may shoot at any other World Archery affiliated Club (anywhere in the world).
  • You gain access to Local, State, and National Tournaments.
  • We also have an active Social calendar, including 3D shoots and fun shoots.

Buying Your Own Equipment

Sooner or later you’ll want to buy your own equipment. Our initial recommendation – don’t buy anything until you have been shooting for at least four weeks.

When you have decided that you’re ready to buy your own gear (and join a club), talk to our Coaches – they are equipped to provide the best advice on what equipment will best suit you and fit in with your budget.

Broadhead Arrows and Crossbows

The use of broadhead arrows or crossbows is prohibited on our grounds.

Club Membership Fees

Please email our Membership Coordinator for a membership form, and to discuss our fees, alternitavely, come down to the club on a Saturday and the Membership Coordinator, a Committee Member or Coach can assist.

Please note: Additional charges may be payable for special events to cover such things as an event registration fee and catering. (eg. 3D shoots and social events)