Come and Try

When is it on?

Our Come ‘N’ Try sessions run most Saturday mornings. Registration starts at 9am and shooting is between 9:30 and 11am, but please arrive between 8:45 and 9am to ensure you can secure a place as we are ‘first come first serve’. (Maximum of 30 shooters)


How much does it cost?

It is $25 per archer, but $15 per person if you have your own equipment. This covers equipment, insurances and coaching.

EFTPOS preferred please, but cash is available.


Can I bring my own equipment?

As previously mentioned, we allow you to bring your own equipment. All outside equipment will be inspected by a coach prior to your registering, to ensure it is safe to use on our premises.

Compounds need to be in safe, working order and lower than 60lb draw weight.

Broadheads are not allowed.

Crossbows are not allowed.


Who can shoot?

We can assist anyone age 10 and up, with all range of knowledge of the sport.

Any children aged 10-12 will need an accompanying guardian, though the guardian does not need to be shooting.

You are permitted to attend up to 12 times as per Archery Australia Visitor rules.


What do I wear?

All archers must wear closed in shoes (no crocs, slides or sandals), this is to prevent any risk with arrows hidden in the grass.

Long hair must be tied back to reduce risk of hair getting caught in the string and getting in the way.

We highly suggest wearing closer-fitting clothing, this will help make sure your clothes don’t get in the way of the string. Please make sure clothes are also family friendly, as we have plenty of young children coming to shoot and watch.


When isn’t it on?

Our Come ‘N’ Try sessions are run by a group of volunteers with outside commitments, so occasionally we will have to limit the amount of attendee’s shooting or cancel the morning altogether. We do not run between Christmas and mid January, exact dates of these closures are available on this page from early December.

We also do not shoot when lightning or adverse weather conditions (hail, wet weather warnings etc.) are forecasted, though some rain alone won’t stop us!

Saturdays forecasted to reach 40°C and above are also cancelled, for public safety, as shooting takes place in the sun on our premises.

Please make sure to check back on this page on the Saturday morning to make sure the banner says it is open. This banner is updated as soon as we are aware of cancellation.

Note: All participants, as part of their participation fee, are automatically registered as ‘Temporary Players’ with Archery Australia, receiving temporary public liability insurance cover.